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I can’t remember ever paying PPI so why claim?2018-08-01T10:02:55+01:00

A vast majority of financial products sold prior to 2012 included Payment Protection Insurance. In some cases, it was hidden so well that the consumer was unaware of it being applied. Lenders have labelled PPI as Credit Card Repayment Protection, Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance and Personal Loan Protection, to name but a few. There is a high probability that you have been charged PPI so don’t wait, start your claim today – if you don’t check you could miss out on a potential financial redress.

Can I make a PPI claim on loans or cards that have been closed?2018-08-01T10:02:55+01:00

The simple answer is yes, you can still make a PPI claim on all financial products, whether they are still active or not.

I no longer have any paperwork relating to my loan/credit card/mortgage, can I still claim?2018-08-01T10:02:55+01:00

If you have the papers relating to your loan/credit card/mortgage then that helps us to speed up the process, but if you no longer have paperwork this isn’t a problem as we will request copies of all necessary documentation from the lender on your behalf.

Can I make multiple claims?2018-08-01T10:02:55+01:00

Yes, most people have had more than one financial product over the years. Clear Claims will search through your financial history to discover and reclaim your PPI on loans and credit cards.

How much will it cost me to make a claim with you?2018-08-01T10:02:55+01:00

Clear Claims will work on a No Win No Fee contract, without any upfront fees. If your PPI claim is successful then we will charge you 20% (plus VAT) of the total redress amount, which is invoiced to you after you have received payment from the lender.

Can I reclaim the PPI myself?2018-08-01T10:02:55+01:00

Yes, you certainly can make the claim yourself, it is not a complicated process. However, if you would prefer, our experienced team are at ease dealing with big lenders and arguing your case. We are also experienced with big lenders rejecting claims. Our team will give you every chance of a successful claim.

Do you have a complaints procedure?2018-08-01T10:02:55+01:00

Yes, we will acknowledge your written complaint with three working days and endeavour to resolve the issue within four weeks. We will keep you appraised of the situation at all times but, should we not be able to reach a resolution within the initial four weeks, we would require an extension of time to enable the matter to be closed effectively.

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