Mortgage Miscalculation FAQs

Mortgage Miscalculation FAQs2018-08-01T10:05:23+01:00

Things you need to know

What types of mortgage have been affected by overcharging of interest?2018-08-01T10:05:44+01:00

Nearly all types of mortgage have been affected, this includes buy to let and interest only borrowing.

My mortgage was with a non-mainstream lender, does that matter?2018-08-01T10:06:02+01:00

If your mortgage was taken out on or before 2011 and you borrowed more than £75,000 then we can audit your mortgage for any possible miscalculation.

Can I submit a claim for several different mortgages?2018-08-01T10:06:23+01:00

Many people have had more than one mortgage in their lifetime, so long as the timescale criteria is met we can investigate all of your mortgages for any miscalculation.

My mortgage has had arrears, does this matter?2018-08-01T10:06:40+01:00

A review by the FCA^ found that some lenders, after collecting the arrears payments, had automatically included the arrears payment with normal mortgage repayments when making recalculations after interest rate changes. This means that you could be due compensation from your lender for the mistakes in the way arrears were collected.

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