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To Whom it may concern,

Authorisation of Clear Claims Management Limited

This authority relates entirely to any agreements, whether previous or current, that I/We have previously held with any and all lenders.

I/We authorise Clear Claims Management Limited (‘CCML’) to exclusively act on my/our behalf in the pursuit of either mortgage miscalculation or a mis-selling claim in respect of advice and/or sales, relating to mortgages and/or insurances, made by the bank, building society, lender, insurance company, credit provider or other relevant party against which any complaint is directed (‘the Business’) and, if CCML believes that the claim has merit, to act on my/our behalf to seek compensation. This authorisation extends to the Businesses agents, representatives, associates and/or predecessors and will endure until I/we revoke my/our authorisation in writing.

I/We authorise and insist that you and the Business should release to CCML, without delay, all information they require, whether confidential or otherwise, through the use of a Subject Access Request. I/We confirm that I/we have lawfully contracted with CCML and have expressly consented that all communications made from the Business must be made directly to CCML.

I/We give full authority to CCML to accept or reject any offer of compensation from the Business and to refer my/our complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service and/or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme on my/our behalf, if CCML determines this to be in my/our best interests. Furthermore, under Chapter 3 of the GDPR outline and ICO guidelines, if the Business fails to comply with such instructions within 30 days I/we authorise CCML to initiate and pursue a formal complaint.

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